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Millie Marotta's Wildlife Wonders Coloring Book

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Millie Marotta, bestselling author and master illustrator, presents a collection of her most beloved wildlife drawings from her 8-1/2 million copy-selling books. Her intricate and lifelike depictions of animals, plants, and landscapes have inspired colorists all over the world to unleash their creativity with dazzling palettes, inventive techniques, and imaginative ideas.

This special collection pays tribute to the vibrant and talented coloring community, featuring the creatures from Millie's previous five coloring books that have captivated and inspired them. From the majestic African elephant to the adorable field mouse, the majestic flamingo to the curious bush-baby, each of Marotta's breathtaking drawings will ignite beautiful new interpretations.

Trade Paperback Book; 9 4/5" x 9 4/5" inches; 128 pages.

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