So beautiful, for spacious skies! Color amber waves of grain and purple mountain majesties above the fruited plain. This amazing tribute to the United States of America is sure to inspire pride and patriotism as you color your way through all 50 states discovering interesting facts and historical trivia.
  • Fun and educational, each state has retro drawings that relate to a fun fact or trivia relevant to that state. See how many you know and look up the rest!
  • Spread it on the floor, down the length of a table or hang it on the wall (Great for a party project!)
  • Printed with non-toxic latex ink on 100# thick paper. Perfect for water color paints, paint markers, colored pencils, crayons, you name it!
  • Giant rolled poster measures 6 feet wide x 3 feet tall, enough space to provide many hours of coloring fun

Printed with non-toxic latex ink on sturdy 100# paper (greeting card thick!) that can be rolled and unrolled multiple times and will handle most, if not all, coloring media including crayons, markers, marker brushes, water colors and more. (Because we use non-toxic latex ink for our posters, we do not recommended alcohol based markers.)  

Great2bColorful is a trademarked brand and we can only guarantee original designs that have our logo and copyright printed on each poster. All images are purchased licenses and/or original drawings. Our guaranteed posters will print in and ship from the United States only.