Great2BColorful Really Big Coloring Posters began its journey in 2013 with a single coloring poster; a custom hand drawn 60” x 36” poster entitled USA. USA takes you on a fun and educational journey across America. It is still our number one seller enjoyed by children, adults and seniors. The excitement and positive feedback from this single poster inspired artist and entrepreneur Laurie Walhovd to create other sizes and unique designs.... and Great2b|BColorful was born.

There's more to a Great2BColorful Coloring Posters than meets the eye. Each coloring poster is uniquely designed to draw you in and tap into your creative side. They’re a fantastic way of relaxing and unwinding - and it makes you feel like you’ve created an amazing piece of art even if you have no artistic skill whatsoever! Our coloring posters are used by teachers in the classroom, fun filled afternoons in senior centers and activities directors in medical facilities for therapy art projects.

Product safety is of the utmost importance to us. Our coloring posters are “Made is the USA” using non-toxic latex ink on a sturdy 100# paper (greeting card thick!). They can be rolled and unrolled multiple times and will handle most, if not all, coloring media including crayons, markers, marker brushes, water colors and more.

To complete your “masterpiece” we offer a wide selection of coloring tools for the beginner and experienced color artist. We give you the tools, you just add your imagination! 

Now that you know who we are, we invite you to tap into your creative self. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, your school or organization, buying the perfect gift for someone else, we have what you need to create your work of art. So clear off the table and break out your favorite pack of colors and make these designs come to life.