Meet Laurie and Gail, two sisters who not only are best friends but business partners. Their combined skills and talent blend together perfectly to ensure that each of our coloring posters are uniquely designed to draw you in and tap into your creative side.

Laurie has been a business woman and entrepreneur since childhood. Her favorite childhood activity was “playing store”.  She opened her first successful business in 2008, Great2bHome. Today, Laurie is a skilled web designer, business woman, entrepreneur and owner of Great2bColorful.

Gail is a web designer and graphic artist. She owned and operated an ad agency for 11 years. In 2013 she partnered with sister Laurie to develop and launch Great2bColorful…The rest is history.

Great2bColorful began its journey in 2013 with a single coloring poster; a custom hand drawn 60” x 36” poster entitled USA. The excitement and positive feedback from this single poster inspired Laurie and Gail to create other designs....and Great2bColorful was born. Today, Great2bColorful has over 50 unique poster designs and new posters are being created all the time!

And there’s more:

  • Over 50 Poster Designs….and counting
  • Made in the USA, Designed, Produced and Shipped
  • New Designs added all the time
  • Always in Stock
  • Your choice of Five Sizes
  • Two Paper Choices
  • Printed using non-toxic latex ink
  • Free Shipping with no minimum purchase
  • Ships within 24 hours of purchase
  • Shipped rolled not folded, no creases
  • Coloring Tools for any skill level.

Now that we've introduced ourselves, we invite you to tap into your creative self. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, your school or organization, buying the perfect gift for someone else, we have what you need to create your work of art. So clear off the table and break out your favorite pack of colors and make these designs come to life.