Coloring and Therapy

If you thought that coloring was just for kids, it’s time to think again! Coloring can be both enjoyable and relaxing for adults, and it has some notable benefits — especially for seniors.

According to the American Art Therapy Association, those who use color therapy report feeling a greater sense of inner peace, reduced anxiety, and a boost in self-confidence. This is due to the noted changes in heart rate and brain wave patterns that an individual experiences when coloring animals, foliage, mandalas, and other themes commonly found in adult coloring designs.

Coloring activities are known to:

• Relieves stress and reduces agitation
• Improves one’s mood
• Provides a way to express one’s self
• Helps maintain motor functions
• Improves dexterity thru grip control
• Promotes mindfulness
• Encourages cooperation
• Improves hand-eye coordination
• Gives a sense of accomplishment

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