At the center of our poster, a mischievous fox stands with an air of curiosity, its bright eyes filled with a playful spark. The fox's fur is a canvas waiting for your artistic touch—will it be a fiery red hue, a soft and subtle brown, or perhaps an unexpected burst of vibrant blue? Each stroke of color you apply will breathe personality and life into this crafty creature.

"Through art, we can communicate feelings that may be difficult to express in words, and find peace in the process."
  • Proudly Designed, and Printed in the USA
  • Non-Toxic Latex Ink
  • 75+ coloring poster designs
  • Designs to fit all age groups
  • Available in 3 Sizes and 4 Packs
  • 2 quality paper grades
  • Premium Paper: Best for group art projects, adults or advanced colorists who want to store or display their finished posters. Our Premium grade paper is the heaviest weight, brightest white, acid free and most durable paper and guaranteed NO bleed through to underside. Premium paper can be used with ALL color media including watercolor paints.
  • Economy Paper: Perfect for the younger or more casual coloring enthusiast! Mid-weight, bright white. It may not support all the coloring tools as well as our premium grade paper.
  • Shipped Folded or Rolled
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

For streak-less coloring we recommend that Sharpie markers be new and fluid and not allowed to dry out. Marker brushes or alcohol markers perform best on our premium grade paper. Check out our recommended coloring tools >

Economy paper is not recommended for watercolor paint or long-term storage and some bleeding to the backside may occur.

Great2bColorful is a trademarked brand and we can only guarantee original designs that have our logo and copyright printed on each coloring poster. All images are purchased licenses and/or original drawings. Our posters will print in and ship from the United States only.

Qty available:998 SKU:CrftyFx-24x36-Folded-ECON

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