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Brushstrokes of Light: An Impressionism Artists' 16 Page Colouring Book

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Step into the vibrant world of Impressionism with our unique colouring book. Inspired by the revolutionary art movement of the late 19th century, this book features a collection of meticulously crafted illustrations reminiscent of iconic Impressionist masterpieces. From sun-dappled landscapes to lively city scenes, each page invites you to explore the essence of light, color, and movement.

Whether you're an art enthusiast or a budding artist, this coloring book offers a captivating journey through the brushstrokes of Impressionist pioneers like Monet, Renoir, and Degas. With each stroke of your pencil or brush, you'll breathe new life into these timeless works of art, experiencing the joy of creation while paying homage to one of the most influential periods in art history. Perfect for relaxation, inspiration, or simply indulging your love for Impressionist art, Brushstrokes of Impressionism promises an immersive and fulfilling colouring experience.

Artists’ Professional Coloring Books measure 10”x13½” and contain 16 sheets of long-lasting, acid-free drawing paper printed with exceptional designs in very light lines so the original outline will hardly be visible after coloring. The 180-gsm acid-free drawing paper is suitable for a wide range of coloring applications including pencil, watercolour, ink and crayon. perfectly suited to simultaneously practicing your coloring skills and create beautiful pieces!

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