• 500 PIECE PUZZLE FOR ADULTS - Featuring a finished size of 23. 5 inches by 18 inches with a precision cut that ensures a tight, interlocking heirloom-quality puzzle
  • UNIQUE CUT LARGE PIECES - Each puzzle piece is unique and never repeated; Springbok Puzzle pieces are made from thick cut 75 point board, 18% thicker than the industry average
  • & HIGH QUALITY - Springbok Puzzles are manufactured with sustainably sourced organic, non-toxic soy-based inks & utilizes 100% recycled puzzle board materials
  • MADE IN USA - Manufactured in Kansas City, Missouri; Springbok Puzzles have been American made since 1963
  • MISSING PIECE NO WORRY - All Springbok Puzzles are covered with our satisfaction on materials and craftmanship
  • Finished Size: 18" x 23.5"
  • By: Polly McMillan
  • Pieces: 500

Style:The Sewing Box A Springbok Puzzle Best Seller! Within each little box of
tiny sewing notions you'll find a challenge in composition, color and pattern.
From graphic shapes to the grid pattern of the box, this is a 500-piece puzzle
that will test even the best puzzler. Exercise Memory - Jigsaw Puzzles sharpen
cognitive function. Current neurology experts assert that puzzles stimulate
neuroplasticity and can even slow progressive memory loss. Deepen Connections
- Conversation flows naturally as your sort and interlock the design. It's
like we always say: Love completes the puzzle. Relieve Stress - Escaping into
the calm of puzzling for as little as 20 minutes can sooth anxieties. It's the
perfect digital detox for you and your loved ones.
SKU: SBK-33-01497