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Artist Series Dual Sided Alcohol Sketch Markers - 48 Colors

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A set of 48 dual-sided sketch markers, featuring chisel and fine nibs, with an alcohol-based ink, is an excellent tool for artists, illustrators, and designers. Comes in a plastic snap top box for safe keeping. Here are some features and benefits you might find with such a set:

  1. Versatility: With dual-sided markers, artists have the flexibility to work on both intricate details with the fine nib and broader strokes or shading with the chisel nib.

  2. Wide Color Range: A set of 48 markers provides a diverse array of colors, allowing artists to achieve various shades and hues in their artwork.

  3. Alcohol-Based Ink: Alcohol-based ink markers offer vibrant, long-lasting colors. They dry quickly, allowing for layering and blending techniques without excessive bleeding or smudging.

  4. Ideal for Shading, Layering, and Blending: The alcohol-based ink, along with the chisel and fine nibs, makes these markers suitable for shading, layering colors, and blending gradients seamlessly.

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